Online Vastu Consultant: The search ends here if you're searching for a Vastu consultant online for Vastu shastra-related consultancy.

Whether in India or the world, you'll collaborate with one of the most renowned Vastu consultant online, Sunil Mehtani.

The greatest feature is that you receive the highest quality and authentic online Vastu consultation from the comfort of your home.

If you're searching for Vastu consulting for your current home or purchasing a new property, We can tailor-make solutions to meet your needs.

Online Vastu solution How do we get it done?

In this age of high-tech communication, Your location or financial restrictions should not stop you from taking advantage of the Vastu services. We utilize advanced technology such as satellite maps, Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, and emails to offer fast and simple solutions.

Nowadays, the number of searches for "Vastu Consultant near Me" and "Vastu Shastra Expert near me" is growing. We also realize that not all individuals can access the best Vastu consultants near their homes. We've been offering online Vastu consulting services for over ten years to fill the gap. Our online services offer advice specifically tailored to your family's requirements. They can be customized to your specific needs and are extremely flexible while adhering to the Vastu guidelines.

Vastu Remedies Without demolition

We know that it's practically impossible to implement any structural modifications, no matter how tiny they may be. If you are working with a Vastu consultant online, you can expect him to provide solutions that do not require demolitions or unattainable shifting of bathrooms, entrances, kitchens, etc. You will get practical solutions that can be applied easily and demonstrate outcomes.

Contents of the Online Vastu Consultation Report

1.- Floor plan indicating 8 Directions, 8 Zones, Entry, 16 Zones

2.-Directions and Zones of Main Gate/ Door of Plot, Entrance into Flat, Brahm Sthana Bed Rooms, Pooja Room, Kitchen, Living Room/ Drawing Room, Stairs - Proper location, Lift, Washroom/Toilet, Locker Room/Strong Room, Terrace, Water tank Mumty, Height of Plot windows and Doors.

3.-A bar chart that shows the strength and weak points in the Vastu energy fields in every direction.

4.-Recommendation of colors for every room.

5.- Suggestions to increase the Vastu energies to create more positivity in your environment.

Our Vastu online recommendations are entirely scientific and based on the authentic Vastu Shastra guidelines mentioned in the old scriptures.

 Consultation Follow Ups

After we have completed your online Vastu consultation, sent our report to you, and explained the entire process, the job does not end there.

If you require any additional assistance, we will be in constant contact and will follow up with you to review any updates regarding Vastu Implementations.


What's the procedure to Get an Accurate online Vastu Consulting?

The process of obtaining Online Vastu consultancy is quite simple to comprehend and easy to follow. Follow these steps to obtain Online Vastu Consultancy.

  1. Book your package and pay when you've decided to take advantage of Online Vastu consultancy.
  2. Floor plan with scaled dimensions.
  3. A precise location for Vastu. Vastu (via Google Map)
  4. Video clip showing The Vastu interiors (for information on furnishing and color use)
  5. The nature of the specific demand, if there is one (for example, seeking to find a solution for domestic conflicts or financial crisis, persistent illness or other illness, etc. )

Vastu Report

Then wait to see to wait for the Online Vastu consultant to carry the report. It will take two to five working days (depending on the size and scale of the property) to review your Vastu Report. Vastu Expert calibrates all information using high-end technology and personal expertise.

Read your Vastu report and then apply the suggested remedies by the professional Online Vastu consultant. You will get a complete Vastu property report containing all the required information.

If you need answers to any questions about online Vastu consultation, don't hesitate. Feel free to talk to Vastu Expert and Astrologer Sunil Mehtani.


What Services of Vastu are Included under online Vastu Consultancy?

Every Vastu property is eligible as a potential site for online Vastu consultation. Even if there's no structure on the Vastu property as of today, it is possible to have the Vastu completed by a professional. All over the globe can avail the same.

In general, the following services may be accessed within the framework of Online Vastu consultancy-

Vastu for home, new home flat, or apartment (single multi-storied or storied)

Vaastu for factories,

Vastu for complex office spaces and office space,

Vastu for shop

Vaastu is a second-hand home or office

Vastu to select property.

Vastu guidance for floor plan.


Vastu Compliant Map or Drawings
Q. What can I do to check my Vastu compliance online?

A. To find Vastu in person, you only have to submit a floor plan and your Google location with an experienced Vastu consultant. Modern technology, such as satellite imagery, WhatsApp/zoom, and online Vastu consultations, can be conducted anywhere in the world with the highest accuracy and accuracy

Q. How does Vastu online consultation work?

A. To get an internet-based Vastu consultation, you need to provide your floor plan and Google map. A brief video or photos of your property is an additional benefit. After receiving that information, we can conduct an online Vastu consultation on the internet via video calls (Zoom or Whatsapp/Skype) or via email. Does it work?

Q. Does the internet-based Vastu consultation reliable and accurate without visiting a site?

A. Yes, online Vastu is indeed highly reliable and accurate as long as you have an experienced Vastu consultant. An expert can give accurate advice without visiting your site with precise floor plans and Google places. Making a short video or photos of the house is a plus.

Q. Are we able to avail of the online Vastu consultation from any location in the world?

A. You will be able to receive an instant and precise Vastu assessment from any location in the world. It is best to contact the team at Maha Vastu Shastra to book your online Vastu consultation. We provide world-class authentic Vastu services all over the world. With customers all over India, we can provide the top online Vastu services.

Q. What are the costs of an online Vastu consultation?

A. The costs for the online Vastu consultation will be based on your house's dimensions and the volume of work required; for instance, an Online Vastu consultation for an apartment could cost Rs.10,000 and more The exact cost will depend on the task that has to be accomplished.

Q. Is Vastu really necessary?

A. Vastu is the art of aligning the energy of your building with the energy of the universe. The more closely you connect to nature's energies, the happier and more prosperous you'll be.