Vastu Compliance Map or Drawings

Vastu Compliant Map or Drawings: To create the design of a house as per Vastu shastra is itself a great job. If the professional is having the knowledge of Vastu as well as the knowledge of engineering geometry both then the results will be awesome. While making a map or drawing a building you must follow the government rules.

Vastu Expert & Astrologer Sunil Mehtani, the best and the most experienced Vastu consultant has proficiency in making the Vastu Compliance Map or Drawings/layout plan of any building (residential/ commercial or industrial) as per Vastu Shastra. He applies the Classic principles of Vastu Shastra in Planning and designing a modern house.

Before designing Vastu Compliance Map or Drawings of the house he considers different aspects


  • Selection and measurement of land
  • Directions
  • Effects of 32 deities/entrance
  • Brahmasthan
  • Marmasthan
  • 8/16 Zones
  • Aya(Income)of the plot
  • Aayu(Age)of the plot
  • Nakshatra of the plot


After selecting a Vastu-compliant plot, the best Vastu consultant Aims at creating a map of Vastu-compliant buildings people who live in a Vastu-compliant home built on a Vastu compliant land are lucky enough and live a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous life. Vastu Expert Sunil Mehtani strictly follows the principles of Vastu shastra while drawing or drafting the map for any house, shop, factory, commercial/ Shopping Complex, industry etc. He arranges different required meetings with the owners /partners and understands their needs related to the building.

After all these efforts, the final layout plan/ drawing will be made which includes the main gate, boundary walls, different rooms, covered and open area, kitchen, washrooms, garage, water resources, etc. in the right direction. He takes into consideration all the 8 directions of Vastu Shastra in such a way that the proper balancing of all the five elements of Vastu Shastra takes place. This type of building invites the maximum possible positive energy into the building. The inmates of this building enjoy a healthy, peaceful and prosperous life.