Vaastu for Clinic: Formation of Clinic must be according to the norms of Vastu for Clinic. It affects the early recovery of patients as the Vaastu for home affects the people who reside in it.

Nowadays, because of a shortage of places, the residence is converted in the Clinic, but it adversely affects both residence and Clinic. If the Clinic has much space, it should be avoided because it may invite negative energy. Our Vaastu consultant helps by giving tips for Vaastu for the Clinic; how should this space be utilized to make the Clinic Vastu compliant.

Vaastu Tips for Clinic

It is not easy to follow all Vastu guidelines in such a case. But if you follow some essential significant Vastu tips, they will ensure good health and speedy recovery of the patients and improve the number of patients at the Clinic.

  • The Clinic's entrance should be north, northeast or east.
  • There should not be any obstruction at the entrance of the Clinic.
  • Make the waiting area for the patients in the North- East, east, or north direction.
  • The doctor should face east or North-East while treating the patients, which improves the doctors' focus on the patients.
  • Use light pastel colors in the Clinic like pink, light green or blue, peach, etc. Never use black, grey, or dark blue colors, as these are considered depressing and negative.
  • Keep the patient's examination table in the Northwest direction so that while lying, the patient's head should be towards the east.
  • Avoid toilet /washrooms of the Clinic in brahmasthan and North East.
  • Keep the books in the North, NE, or East direction.
  • Keep medicines in North or North-East direction.
  • Always keep flowery plants in the Clinic and avoid thorny and bushy plants.
  • Mop the floor with salt to clear and prevent negative energy.
  • Always keep cheerful pictures or photographs in the Clinic.
  • Avoid keeping an aquarium in the Clinic because it hampers the inflow of patients.

Vastu Compliant Clinic

A Clinic must be according to the norms of Vaastu Shastra. For any query or help regarding Vastu for the Clinic, you can contact us directly or give your detail by filling our contact form.

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