Multiplex/Cinema Hall Vaastu

Get best vaastu Consultant in delhi & ncr India for Multiplex. According to the vastu consultant of MVS multiplex vaastu tips can be used to construct cinema halls.

Multiplex vastu is not only helps in constructing cinema hall but also it helps in rectify and detect timely defects in the plot.

MVS Team of Vaastu Expert suggest some tips under the guidance of Vaastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani .

There are many other things which A Vaastu Consultant for multiplex examines before constructing Cinema hall so that it turned out to be the most visited and successful hall.

Maha Vaastu Shastra have best Vaastu consultant those are working under the guidance of Sunil Mehtani.

Our vaastu experts in delhi & NCR India takes care of the following points while giving Vaastu tips for Multiplex/Cinema halls.

Vaastu Consultant For Multiplex/Cinema Hall

Tips for Multiplex/Cinema Hall that need to be considered before constructing cinema hall are :

  • Cinema hall should always be constructed on the lively plot in terms of functionality and sand identification
  • Before purchasing land for Cinema Hall make sure that this land has not been used as a morgue, crematory, hospital etc.
  • Make West to South and SW zone heavy so begin the Construction of cinema hall from here.
  • Install Screen such a way that viewers faces East or North while watching the movie.
  • South-east direction is best for placing electrical equipment
  • Public toilets should be in North-West and WC facing North or South.
  • Parking is ideal in the South-West portion.
  • Construct Canteen or Kitchen in South- East portion.

Vaastu for Multiplex

  • Proper location of the movie hall.
  • Exteriors of the Building.
  • Parking position and direction
  • Administrator block position and direction
  • Manager room position and direction
  • Canteen position and direction
  • Pantry/kitchen position and direction
  • Electrical equipment like generators, inverters position and direction
  • The location of the beams
  • Direction of the Entrance
  • Ticket window position and direction
  • Screens position and direction
  • Projector Room position and direction
  • Toilets position and direction
  • Stairs position and direction
  • Water products, water boring, underground water tank etc. position and direction
  • Overhead water tank position and direction
  • Septic tank or the waste disposal The position and direction of the .

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