Vastu for Yoga and Meditation Centre: The place where we meditate and do yoga is a space for putting off all the stress of life and relaxing our soul, mind, and body.

Vastu for Yoga and Meditation Centre

There are some Vastu tips for meditation and yoga; if you follow these guidelines, you will benefit.

Direction & Location for Yoga and Meditation according to Vastu Shastra

The northeast and the Brahm Sthana (central part) of your home or space are considered the ideal places to practice yoga and meditation.

The northeast region is considered to be a sacred area. Its main element is water; therefore, a water-based element (such as fountains or gorgeous flowers floating in a glass bowl filled with pure water) could enhance the space when placed there. The BS is self-generating prana (universal life force energy), and its main aspect can be described as space (akasha)

If you are unable to place your yoga studio within one of these areas is not feasible, then create whatever space or nook that you can for yoga attractive and make it your sanctuary. Make sure your face is in this direction, North, NE, or East while meditating or doing yoga. And it would be best to choose a quiet place with no distractions, so any room or area free from noise and household activities during meditation time can be used for the purpose.

If you have a spare room that you can reserve for prayer, meditation, or yoga practices, meditation can provide more spiritual energy and peace to your home.


Keep clutter-free in Yoga and Meditation space

The place should be adequately cleaned, and clutter-free


Windows and open spaces in the Yoga and Meditation centre

Windows and open spaces are best for meditation and yoga; Make sure to open a window during your pranayama practices. If you're performing breathing exercises in this room, having a door that could be opened to let fresh air and prana into the space is advantageous.


Natural view

Rooms with views of a garden, natural plants, sea, river, and lakes (water body) are best to relax your mind and soul.


Seating arrangement in Yoga and Meditation room

A comfortable chair with a straight back, a floor mat, carpet, rug etc., are good options for meditation and yoga. The options depend on your comfort and need. If you're uncomfortable, then you'll become more than likely distracted and will be less inclined to sit.


Make it more hygienic in the Yoga and Meditation room

Keep your meditation seat or mat neat and clean. Consider housekeeping as a sacred blessing to you and your home instead of viewing it as an obligation. It becomes an integral part of your daily routine.


Music in the Yoga and Meditation room

Music has healing powers that soothe our bodies and make us feel refreshed and relaxed. While meditating or doing yoga, you can play any soft music/ mantras, etc.

Candles in the Yoga and Meditation room

If you prefer to, use candles here, make them from natural materials. Candles made of beeswax are believed to cleanse the air.


Indoor plants in the Yoga and Meditation room

Meditation areas with indoor plants will make you feel good and relaxed. It is best to keep the indoor plants there according to Vastu guidelines.


Color in the Yoga and Meditation room

Paint the meditation area/room in light shades of green, blue, yellow, and white. All the shades of white are ideal for a meditation/yoga room.


Decoration in the Yoga and Meditation room

While decorating your meditation or yoga room, use natural materials like cotton, wood, bamboo, silk, etc. Avoid using plastic or metal things.

The refined spiritual energy can accumulate within your home, mainly when you're doing religious practices like meditation. The layers of positive energy can create a space that feels more sacred and distinctive. Meditation and other spiritual practices help create harmony and enhance the quality of your house or office. As well as the design and construction, according to Vastu, the best option to improve the comfort of your home or office is to practice spirituality (sadhana). Vastu and meditation, prayer, yoga, chanting, and breathing exercises (pranayama) will all help energize your home and you.

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