Vaastu for Doors

Vaastu for doors: Doors are the main entrance of your house. Any guest or relative coming to you first seen it then if your house main door is according to the direction of Vaastu then it will admire them. As per the basis of Vaastu for doors the main door of your house should be large than the other ones, and the direction would be North-East, East, or North.
And if there are two or more main entrance doors of your house then the rules are different of Vaastu for doors.

Guidelines: Vaastu for doors

You must follow the main door Vaastu as it’s a passage and entrance for the good or bad energy

Impact of Main Door

  1. Loss because of fire.
  2. Female Growth.
  3. Prosperity wealth gain and glory.
  4. Govt, favor, gain of ancestral property.
  5. Lack of Peace, Tension.
  6. False accusation, the Adverse result on the feminine.
  7. Cruelty or unpleasantness, the worry of the enemy.
  8. Loss because of stealing, the disappearance of objects.
  9. Loss because of fire, loss, injury to male kids
  10. Insubordination, Agony caused by a friend and members of the family.
  11. the smart result, is meaningful.
  12. Birth of a son, prosperity, financial gains.
  13. Inauspicious.
  14. Loss of status
  15. Ingratitude loss, concern from thieves.
  16. Injury to the capabilities of son, obstacles.
  17. Expenses more than financial gain. trouble to son.
  18. Enmity, Deafness.
  19. Pain, financial drawback. loss.
  20. money & Human Growth. Progress.
  21. Wonderful health, comfort, peace, money Human growth.
  22. Govt. Harassment, losses to father.
  23. Financial loss.
  24. Sickness.
  25. Tragic death, unexpected on a slough of illness, Worry.
  26. Enmity.
  27. Happiness, Prosperity.
  28. Progress in all fields, gain Human Growth.
  29. The gain of wealth & prosperity, All forms of Gain.
  30. Enmity with son, opposition from a friend or family member.
  31. Discomfartable to ladies, defects within the feminine.
  32. Failure, unsuccess, agony because of obstacles delay in work

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