Vaastu for Industrial Land

Vaastu for Industrial Land: There are many important factors analyzed by a Vaastu consultant for Vaastu for Industrial Land/the industrial plot:–


Surroundings play an important role in the success of the industry as the area of the plot is quite large compared to other buildings. Surrounding may consist of the natural environment or physical/man-made features or both. The natural environment comprises hills, mountains, mounds, rivers lakes, sea, etc. which are not possible to change.

Physical features or man-made features are the structures in and around the industrial plot like a temple, flyover, electric sub-stations/ powerhouse hoarding, etc.

Shape and Size of Plot

The shape and size of the plot play an important role in prosperity and progress. As far as possible, take a plot of regular size and shape, i.e. square, rectangular. Where the plot is irregular in shape, make the best possible to improve upon the shape, keeping in view the various basic parameters of extension and retraction. Make sure that the number of sides is even.


Locate the industry in such a manner that the southwest direction is always heavy and thick whereas the northeast is light.

Obstruction in front of the plot

The obstruction in front of the plot or in plots like the hill, rocks, tree, water bodies, solar and lunar lights, roads and other properties, animate and birds, etc. have their effects.

Hills, mountains/mounds in front of the entrance inside or outside to plot are the causes of regular labor troubles and misunderstandings between management and the workforce.

The minimum distance of such obstruction should not be less than equivalent to the shadow formation by the mountain/high-rise structure on the plot at any time.

Also, follow these Vastu Principles

Trees :

Trees just opposite the center of the gate will cause obstruction the financial prosperity of the industry. Prefer to shift the gate so that the tree does not fall in line with the main gate. The impact is not very harmful if the distance between the gate and the tree is equivalent to the height of the tree or its shadow of it. Otherwise, the management will face one problem or the other on a regular basis while, on the other hand, the performance of the workforce is not satisfactory.

Birds, animals, and creatures

Since the industry plot is quite large it may be a safe house for various types of birds, creatures, or animals.

Try your best if these creatures are not allowed to have their homestay in the building.

Birds like eagles, crows, bats, or kites bring conflict between management and the workforce. On the other hand reptiles like snakes, scorpions, termites, etc. bring about anti-national activities.

Make the environment green

The plantation of trees is mandatory to keep the environment green. Be careful while carrying out the plantation in regard to the type of plantation, direction, distance, etc. Plant the trees only in the negative zone of the plot.

With the passage of time trees/plants planted along the periphery either touch or lean over the building. Such trees create imbalance and cause sudden unfavorable happenings.

Vaastu for Industrial Land