Vaastu for School

For children to get proper knowledge from teachers and thus giving the excellent result as output, their school architecture must be according to the Vaastu for school. If the construction of the school is not according to the principal of vaastu Shastra the students can not concentrate on their work


Guidelines for Vaastu for School

  • The Direction of the entry door of school should be in East or North.
  • North-east direction should be selected for Prayer hall of the school
  • The face of the classroom of school have to be in East or North
  • Staff room must be in the north-west area of the school
  • Food Canteen and Pantry have to be in the South-east direction.
  • Playground must be in the east or north corner of the school.
  • The direction of the toilets in the whole school must be in the North-west portion.
  • Admin Rooms in North or East direction of the school.

These are few Vaastu tips for school for school’s directions that increase children powers to success and enhancing their skill

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