Vastu for a happy married life: Today every couple wishes for a happy married life, but sometimes this does not happen. Vastu plays an essential role in making married life blissful and happy. Following Vastu tips makes your married life happy and strengthens your bonding with your partner.

These Vastu tips can bring love and harmony to your married life.

Vastu tips for happy married life

Follow the following Simple Vastu Tips to enjoy happy married life.

The direction of the bedroom - make the master bedroom in the Southwest direction as it strengthens the mutual bonding.

Mirrors - Do not place a mirror, TV, monitor, or computer directly opposite the bed. If it is there, it should be covered when not in use.

Colors in Bedroom - Paint the bedroom walls in light pink or green. Avoid using dark colors on the walls of the bedroom.

Sleeping direction - Keep your head in the south direction while sleeping. The wife should sleep on the left side of the husband for a healthy and happy relationship.

Bed and mattress - Place one regular-shaped, single and queen-size wooden bed in the couple's bedroom. Also, use a single big mattress on it. Avoid two separate mattresses.

Paintings and pictures - Do not use paintings of War, cruelty, or sadness. Hang pictures of love birds, doves, or rabbits in pairs.

Electrical gadgets - Avoid using electrical devices in the bedroom as they hamper positivity and create stress and tension in your married life.

Pooja Ghar - Avoid placing Mandir in the couple's bedroom.

Indoor plants and crystals - Place indoor plants in the north corner. Never keep the thorny or bushy plant. You may keep crystals in the bedroom.

North East direction - Always keep the North East corner clean and clutter-free.

Kitchen arrangement - Do not place the gas stove and sink in the kitchen near each other. The level of platform for both should be different also.


Do not do anything that creates stress in the bedroom.

  1. Don't sleep under the beam. It can cause excessive pressure and is unhealthy for health.
  2. Avoid sleeping in direct alignment with sharp corners. This could cause stress to your body's nervous system. If your room has sharp corners, you'll not be able to feel peace without softening them by putting plants in front of them. Also, ensure that your bed is far away from their direct line of sight.
  3. If you'd like to have a bookshelf within your room, the west or southeast corner would be the ideal spot, according to the Vastu rules for bedrooms.
  4. Make sure the bedroom door is open at least 90 degrees so you can fully let opportunities flow into your life, as the entrance to your bedroom represents the opportunities you receive in life. If it is not so, it will hinder the possibilities and help that life has to offer.
  5. The first thing you notice when you walk into your bedroom must give you the sensation of peace and peace. You can improve this feeling with a picture or inspirational quote, painting or sculpture, and flowers in that place where you can easily notice them when you step into your room.
  6. A picture depicting Lord Krishna as a young child is suggested in the bedroom to ensure an enjoyable and joyful couple relationship.
  7. Prefer light green or light blue colors when painting on the walls in the bedroom to give your bedroom an inviting effect.
  8. Red colors bring back the love you lost in your life. It stimulates your desire, too.
  9. Discard the unwanted and inactive items from the bedroom and cabinets for a relaxing night's rest. To ensure a healthy and happy connection, remove the clutter since they hinder your love flow.
  10. Never place mirrors in bedrooms that are visible or reflect the bed from any angle. Mirrors can be placed on the west and south walls but not facing the beds.
  11. Try to keep the television and computers in a different room. However, if you own a computer and TV in the bedroom, you can cover them with a clean cloth when you sleep in the evening.
  12. Images representing violence, death, quarrels, or any negative element of life are not allowed in the bedroom or any other area within the house.
  13. The kitchen's location is crucial in any home with healthy affection and love. The saying goes & Get into your stomach to enter the heart.
  14. The ideal location for the cooking area is in the southeast corner of the northwest corner of your home.
  15. Kitchens in North-East can cause hostility among family members, particularly husband and wife.
  16. The southwest corner kitchen creates unnecessary expenses and deteriorates women's health.
  17. Make sure to separate the stove and the sink from one another. While the gas stove symbolizes Agni (fire), and the sink is a symbol of water. When you properly place Agni and water elements, relationships within a family can be protected.
  18. Protect sharp objects like knives and scissors as well as pickles. A knife, scissors, or pickles can cause sourness in relationships if not appropriately placed.
  19. Couples looking to have children should not sleep in a room with a northern orientation. Strong magnetic forces act as an obstacle. Also, ensure that the space is not cluttered.
  20. The location of the water tank can also hinder the idea. The placement of a water tank in the southwest direction is not permitted.
  21. Keep and store the money in a safe at the bedroom's southwest end. So you'll be able to achieve financial stability.
  22. Check that the tank for water in the underground isn't in the southwest direction.
  23. Vastu Shastra disapproves that one should keep an aquarium inside the room. The belief is that if one lives in the room, it will cause losses in material value.

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