Vaastu for Study Room

The area of study room like to be, where anyone able to concentrate and retain what he has studied or read. From the future point of view, it must be that the study room resides in the proper place and direction.
As per Vaastu for the study room, the better place for the Study Room is the North, North-East, and West directions.
The North direction is the direction of lord Mercury (intelligence) North-East is the direction of lord Jupiter (wisdom and expansions) whereas the West is the direction of lord Saturn (concentration).

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Vaastu Tips for Study Room

  • While Studying keep facing towards East or North.
  • Place the table should be in the South or West direction.
  • The Study Table should not stick to the wall.
  • Avoid the North-West or SouthWest for the book rack
  • Install the Portraits of Lord Ganesha or Maa-Saraswati in the study room to help with concentration and increase intelligence.
  • Make the door and windows in the positive zone of the room.
  • Use light color in the Study room.
  • There should be a proper arrangement of light in the study room.

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