Vastu Consultant in Noida: Maha Vastu Shastra is among Noida's most professionally Qualified Vastu experts, providing practical solutions for your Vastu-related issues in your home, Offices, factories, etc. Knowing your requirements is where the process begins. We offer solutions only after we have identified the root of your issue. We provide various services, such as Vastu consulting at home, Vastu for the office, Vastu for Shop,  Vastu for the factory, Vastu for Restaurants, Vastu consultation, and Vastu advice, including Online Offline, via phone or email.

We at Maha Vaastu Shastra, Our solutions to your problems make you smile, making you feel more positive and rejuvenated every time you visit us. We assure you that we provide Vastu solutions based on the scientific method.

What makes us the best Vastu Consultant In Noida?

We have a team of experienced Vastu consultant under Professioanlly Qualified one of the best Vastu expert in India Sunil Mehtani. Who will make your workplace, home, Factory, Office, Shop, or other places a perfect vastu compliance. Vastu Expert and Astrologer Sunil Mehtani may help you benefit from our Vastu services in numerous ways in Noida. You can, for instance, have a peaceful mind and a tranquil life, avoid unlucky events and earn good pay, achieve success and gain respect from your family members and enjoy peace and health throughout your life.

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When MVS' Vaastu Consultant in Noida visit your residence to conduct a Vastu audit, he analyze the area of your home. He find all the flaws and recommends remedy without demolation to eliminate any negative energy. This will help to balance the home.

Get in touch with Maha Vaastu Shastra for Vastu  Consultation in Noida for the following Verticals.

The effectiveness of Vastu shastra comes from a combination of spirituality and science. The knowledge in old texts about the design and design of spaces for people to live in is founded on cosmic energy waves. Vastu Vidhya is one of the disciplines that Indians have passed through generations. We at Maha Vaastu Shastra provide Vastu consulting for various verticals, from property to home, health, wealth, and education. Suppose you're looking for prosperity, happiness, and joyful abundance; speak to our Vastu professional in Noida to get immediate Vastu services.


Best Vastu Consultant in Noida | Sunil Mehtani

With more than 16 years of expertise and over 1,000 clients, Vastu Expert & Astrologer Sunil Mehtani is one of India's most renowned Vastu consultants in Noida. We know your needs and can provide the most effective solutions to all your issues related to houses, hotels, offices,  restaurants, banking & health institutions, financial institution, and educational institutions, a selection of plots, careers, and hospitals, etc.


Based on Vastu Shastra rules, Vastu experts in Noida Sunil Mehtani say positive energy is released when the structure of a home is built according principles of Vastu Shastra. We are experts in blending old Vastu design with modern technology to build more attractive and comfortable houses.


Vastu for Offices is a service that provides the office environment to aid in the smooth operation of any enterprise. We've covered everything needed, including Vastu for small offices, Boss Office Cabin, Reception, chairs for offices, and office interiors.


Building hotels according to Vastu principles is recommended to ensure that when a hotel is built to be luxurious, it will not be a tourist-free place. When designing a Hotel, Vastu consultants in Noida consider every aspect, including the structure, shape, and color.


Implementing Vaastu principles is essential in constructing a restaurant since it is crucial to prevent losing money. Each Vastu idea we apply can help you win more customers and improve your reputation.

Bank & Financial Institution

Vastu is growing in popularity at banks and financial institutions for security reasons. At Maha Vaastu Shastra, we follow each & every rule of thumb when we advise entry gates, doors & windows, Reception, cash counters, accounts department, restrooms, lockers, and washrooms etc.

Educational Institute

MVS adheres to all Vastu rules applicable to educational institutions to ensure that our environment is serene, assists students to grow, and achieves more important professional and praising results.


If you are looking for a property is recommended to talk with a Vastu expert to ensure the plot is free of Vastu dosha. Keeping Vastu principles in mind when buying a home or Plot will keep all worries out.

Shops/Convenience Stores

A shop that is built following the Vastu principle in mind will yield more profits than the rest. We at Maha Vaastu Shastra provide Vastu guidance to build your shop according to Vastu principles, leading to prosperity and success in economic development.


Patients can recover easily and quickly in hospitals when they are constructed according to Vastu principles. Maha Vaastu Shastra' Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani provide Vastu consultation for hospitals. It differs from choosing a suitable site to planning and interiors.


To be a happy and wealthy family, you must focus on increasing positive energy within the home. The Vastu specialist in Noida aids people to increase their wealth by implementing good supernatural powers in their houses.


Vastu Shastra contains various vital elements that help promote health and keep everyone mentally and physically healthy. Vastu principles help to keep your family members in good health.


If you implement some Vastu experts' recommendations in the children room or Study room, you will see how your kid is performing excellently in their studies. Through Vastu kids, they can connect, manage and harness the divine energy, enabling them to reach their maximum potential.


A Vastu-compliant workplace will enhance your capabilities, while an uncompliant workplace could degrade. Following a few of our Vastu experts' suggestions can boost you to the next stage.

Online Vastu Consultation

Maha Vaastu Shastra provide professional Vastu experts in Noida to meet all your requirements regarding the Vastu of your office or home. MVS provides top-quality and cost-effective solutions to you. Contact Maha Vaastu Shastra expert in Noida, to focus more on working in the relaxed atmosphere of well-being around you.