Vastu for Basement

In Vastu Shastra, we will talk regarding the Basement in the home. Nowadays, due to a shortage of area, most individuals have begun building basements in their homes. While according to Vastu Shastra, building a basement in the house is not suitable. Building a basement in the house has a negative effect because the Basement is under the ground, due to which sunlight and fresh air cannot come here, and there is a lack of positivity.

In recent times, basements have become an essential feature because of the lack of space and the rapidly rising costs of the property.

However, if it is essential for you to build a basement at home, then pay attention to a few things. It is preferential to construct the Basement in a specific area of the home than construct a basement on the entirety of the home. It is a good idea to build the Basement in the NE or east and north directions of the land. Create its doorway so that it opens towards the north or east direction.

While the Basement shouldn't be used for residential or living reasons, you can use it for storage and entertainment.

If the Basement is built in a home, it must be constructed by following basic Vastu rules.

Here are a few Vastu guidelines to follow when building a basement in Home

1- According to the guidelines in Vastu Shastra, construct the Basement in -the Northern, Eastern, or NE direction.

2- Use the Basement for casual or non-residential reasons.

3- Place all heavy items within their Southern and Western directions.

4- Keep the basement entrance door in the east or north direction.

5- The height of the Basement must be 8 feet or greater.

6- Create the Basement with a regular shape, i.e., rectangular or square.

7-Keep the roof level of the Basement 2 or 3ft above the ground level, so the Sun rays enter the Basement.

8- Fix the slanting mirrors in such a way that it brings more sunlight.

9- Make an adequate cross-ventilation arrangement to provide enough light and air flowing into the home.

10- Keep the Basement free of clutter and tidy.

11- Common staircases for going upstairs and to the Basement are never recommended


Basement Vastu - Things to Avoid


  1. As per Vastu, The east and south orientations of your house need to be more elevated and heavy than the other directions. So, do not build the Basement in the west and south zone, as it may cause misfortunes.
  2. Never build an underground basement within the Southwest zone at all costs. Basements within the SW zone could cause severe financial stability and health issues.
  3. Vastu strictly prohibits construction within the (Brahmsthana) central area in the Basement.
  4. The bulky electrical and metallic objects are not recommended to be stored in the Basement.
  5. Don't use the Basement for recreation or living purposes.
  6. Do not store heavy things within areas such as the North, NE, and East zone.
  7. Use light shades and colors to decorate the Basement. Light colors reflect light, and dark colors absorb energy and light.
  8. According to the guidelines in Vastu shastra, constructing a basement can produce good results for the residents. But, since it is a compassionate issue, you must consult a Vastu expert before building the Basement.


Basement Vastu

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