Vaastu for Overhead Tank

Vaastu for Overhead Tank: Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture that teaches how to live in harmony with nature and how to influence nature so that it works to your benefit.

Tips: Vaastu for Overhead Tanks

  1. Never place the Overhead Tank in the center (Brahma Sthal). If so, life becomes helpless and one does not feel like living there. If the Overhead Tank from Brahma Sthan is removed and put as per Vaastu, one can achieve remarkable results.
  2. Try to take drinking water and cooking water tanks made of material other than plastic. If so, it must be of black or blue color, because it absorbs maximum sun rays.
  3. A white water tank reflects the sun's rays, as a result, is less beneficial. If possible place a separate water tank for use in toilets and for other purposes.
  4. It is best to place a water tank is on the West side leaving the SW. But on the other hand, the Overhead Tank on floor level in this direction is according to Vaastu principles.
  5. Make sure not to place Overhead Tank be in the North-East in any case to avoid financial losses and accidents.
  6. Place the Water tank in the North-West, West or South- West. Mount the Overhead Tank on 4 legs of minimum 2’ to 3’. If it rests on the floor level of the terrace, the direct weight of the Overhead Tank with water will create tensions among the residents.
  7. The sun rays will fall first on the Overhead Tank it being the highest part of the house and they will be absorbed in water. The Overhead Tank in the South West should never leak under any care.

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