Vaastu for Industries

Industrial buildings are buildings where the raw material is converted into finished product. In designing the layout of an industrial building fire component of Punchmahabhuta is very important. Moreover, the other four components of Panchmahabhuta i.e, air, space, water, and earth are also considered carefully.
A Vaastu Consultant selects only regular size and shape of the plot for Industry to obtain the prosperity and also to obtain financial stability.

Ayadi calculation

A Vaastu Consultant understands the importance of Ayadi calculation while the selection of Land for the industry as well as building for the industry.
A Vastu consultant selects the most important component of each industry to understand the process of manufacturing, the requirement of materials etc. and then the same is required to be placed properly.
In aquaculture or water processing plant or beverages etc. water is the main component. A Vaastu expert keeps the source of water in the north-east with underground storage tanks in the same zone.
While in the manufacturing of steel, aluminum, cement, glass or other metal, keep the thermal infusion and the furnace/boilers etc. in the south-east and storage of raw material in the north-west, north for oxidation or south-west for consumption. Always keep the finished products only in the northwest-west.
In case of liquid, the flow has to be from south to north or where granulation of the liquid product is needed, do it in south-east corner and packing and disposal from the west-northwest.
In case of the petroleum products or coke etc. used for manufacturing in the south or south-east. The direction of the flow shall be from south to north or west to east irrespective of storage, viscosity.


Industries Vastu Consultant

Place the production unit involving production or storage of gaseous materials only in the south-east while storage of raw material in southwest or south. Store the finished products only in northwest- west or northwest-north. North-northwest is the direction for disposal.

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