Vaastu for Bedroom: Bedrooms are the areas where one spends a significant part of their lifespan. The place where one rests should give the feeling of relaxation, security, and happiness in human relations, revitalizing one for the next day's activities and bringing about marital bliss. Vaastu for Bedroom plays a Vital role in the placement of the Bedroom.

As per Vaastu Shastra, certain areas are described for certain activities. If we do not follow the principles of Vaastu for the Bedroom, it has harmful effects on the inmates. So it is advisable to follow Vaastu norms for Vaastu for Bedroom. It will help avoid stress, tension, bad health of couples and miscarriages of women, etc.

Tips | Vaastu for Bedroom

Some important things to follow in the bedroom as per Vastu

  1. The direction of the bedroom as per Vastu: The Southwest is the best direction for the master bedroom as it brings good health and prosperity for the owner of the house. The other good options are northwest and East for the elderly members and children of the house
  2. The rooms should be regular in size.
  3. There should be proper ventilation in the Bedroom.
  4. If a young married couple sleeps in a North-East bedroom, it will be difficult to conceive or face miscarriage. A southeast bedroom will result in fights between the couple.
  5. Bed placement/ ideal bed position as per Vastu: Avoid beds in oval or round shapes. Place a square or rectangular shape of the bed of wood.
  6. Do not place the bed under the beam.
  7. Sleeping direction as per Vastu If you wish to have good quality sound sleep, the best sleeping direction is South as per Vastu shastra. In this position, while sleeping, your feet will be towards the North and attract good luck and good health.
  • The other good option is sleeping with your feet towards the East.
  • Never sleep in the north direction in any case. Sleeping in the North means your feet are to the South, which is not suitable for your health as well as for sound sleep.

8. Vastu for mirror: The dressing tables should not be placed opposite the bed.

  • Fix the mirror in such a manner that one should face either East or North. The mirror should be installed in the positive zone.
  • Cover the mirror facing your bed with the cloth so that it does not reflect you and your bed.

9. Colour of the bedroom: Paint the bedroom in light, pastel shades like off-white, pink, pale blue, cream, etc. to enhance mood and happiness.

  • Avoid using dark and dull shades like black, grey, dark blue, brown, etc.

10. The room should be neat and clean and clutter-free also.

11. Placement cupboard/ almirah in the bedroom as per Vastu: Keep the cupboard or almirah in the south /west wall of the bedroom.

12. Best plants and flowers for the bedroom as per Vastu: Try to keep fresh flowers and natural indoor plants in the bedroom. Money plants and bamboo plants are good indoor plants to keep in the bedroom. Keep them by following certain Vastu principles. You can also place some aromatic plants like Lily and lavender in your bedroom. Never keep thorny for bushy plants like cactus in any case.

13. The direction of the clock in the bedroom as per Vastu: North and East directions are good for the placement of the clock in the bedroom as both directions invite wealth and prosperity to the house.

Avoid placing the clock in the south direction.

  • Never keep the clock which is broken and with cracks.

14. The entrance door and windows should only be in the positive zone of the room.

15. Always keep the door of the attached washroom shut.

Things to avoid in the Bedroom as per Vastu

  • There should be no obstruction like beam projection or chandelier over the bed.
  • The Bedroom should not be under the ridge of the sloping roofs.
  • No water bodies should be in view from the Bedroom permanently; occasional viewing is acceptable and enhances the mental health of the occupants. Regular viewing of water bodies causes only mental aggression and depression to occupants.
  • Do not place the heavy object in the Brahmsthana of the Bedroom.
  • Keep neat and clean the Bedroom
  • Water bodies should not be there in the Bedroom in the form of a Washbasin, water tap, fish aquarium, etc.
  • Do not keep broken or cracked items and showpieces.
  • Avoid placing Temple /Pooja Ghar in the bedroom.
  • Avoid hanging pictures of War scenes, diamonds, owls, vultures, etc. Instead, keep the images that make you feel happy.

Bed Vaastu

  • Place the beds in South- West corner of the room.
  • Do not place the bed under the Beam
  • The bed should not be placed diagonally / obliquely in shape.
  • While sleeping head should be placed in the South direction.
  • The bed should not face directly the main entrance gate /door.
  • Avoid placing dark-colored furniture in the bedroom.
  • Avoid placing metal beds.

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