Vaastu for Stairs

Vastu for stairs: For the movement in multiple floor building staircases and lifts are used. The Stairs have been existing for every time, whereas, lifts and escalators have been are in use in multi-floor building, Societies etc. The Vaastu for Stairs explain Vaastu principle about the location of such structure.

For heavier loads or heavy constructions, South-West Zone is best as per the Vaastu for Stairs principles.
So the best location for the stairs on account of its heavy loads/weight is the South-West corner of the building thereafter the South or West.
The Vaastu consultant of Maha Vaastu Shastra provides best Vastu for stairs or staircase Vastu remedies for not only for Vaastu for stairs but also for staircase Vastu for east facing house, staircase Vastu for north facing house, northeast staircase Vastu remedy etc

Vastu Tips for staircase

Following are the Vastu Tips for Staircase:-

  • Following are the Vastu Tips for Staircase:-
  • While climbing the person should face either West or South upwards.
  • Vastu staircase direction clockwise is best as per Vastu principles,
  • The Staircase for going to Basement should not be the same as for going up.
  • The number of the steps should be such that when divided by 3 the remainder should be 2.
  • The staircase should not originate from the pooja room, kitchen, store, and strong room/ treasury.
  • Always keep the staircase neat and clean. Repair the damaged staircase on the priority basis.
  • As per Vastu for staircase inside the house as well as external staircase Vastu never raise Staircase from the East or North wall of the building/compound wall.

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Vaastu for Lift and Escalator

  • The Lift/escalators are used for the vertical movement of manpower and materials. The lift shaft is a hollow structure/cavity going up to he full height/depth of the building. The lift pit is the lowest point in the building whereas the top is the highest point of the building as a machine room is required on top of such shafts. However, with the improvement in the technology machines room are not necessary for the advance version of lifts.
  • In view of the above, it is desirable that we should not keep lifts in South West Comer as hollowness/cavity are not permitted here even though there is the frequent movement of the lift cage with man and machinery. It is preferable that install the lift in South-East, South or West, North-West positions of the building in the negative zone. Install the escalators in South-West towards – South or South-West towards -West.

If you believe in Vastu Shastra and need any Vastu related services you may arrange a meeting by sending your message through our “Contact us form” or one may directly call Vastu Consultant Sunil Mehtani on 9810105005.

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