Vaastu for Bank

Vaastu for Bank: Because of the purpose of safety and security of the bank, it has to be built as per Vaastu Shastra norms. Vastu for bank principles are placing of the cabin of bank head or manager, employees head direction, bank counters direction, washroom direction, drinking water direction etc. If these things maintain according to Vaastu for the bank it would that bank remain safe from robbery and theft. Our Vaastu consultant provides best Vaastu tips for bank by analyzing bank architecture according to the Vaastu for bank.


Guidelines for Vaastu for Bank

  • Bank face should be in North or East.
  • Vaastu for bank says there should not be any obstruction in the way to Bank.
  • The bank should not be in the basement of any building.
  • Drinking water should be in North-east direction.
  • Food Canteen and Pantry have to be in the South-east direction.
  • Staff’s face should be in North or East.
  • Manager’s cabin should be in the South-west.
  • Washroom should be in the North-west.
  • the counter of a Cash deposit is in the Southern area of the bank.
  • Cash payment counter should be in the West area of the bank.
  • Stairs should be in South-west, South-east or North-west area of the bank.

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