Some useful according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra are given below. These will add to your health & happiness and help you to live a prosperous and harmonious life.
Vaastu Tips: Shape of Plot

You should live in the Plots/Buildings with the square or rectangular shape. Round, triangular, polygonal and other odd shapes may constantly lead one into some of the other problems.

Vaastu Tips: North-East (Ishan) – the most sacred Corner

Do not block the North-East (Ishan) portion of the house/industry as it restricts the inflow of the blessings of God. It leads to tension and misunderstanding among the inhabitants.
Do not place the toilet/fireplace in the north-east corner of the house or industry as it may result in a financial loss as well as mental tension and quarrel amongst people.

Vaastu Tips: doors

Never make three or more doorways in a straight line.

Vaastu Tips: Relationship

A properly placed round mirror and cordial paintings etc. in the bedroom can enhance your relationship. A wall poster having mountains/ snow-clad peaks of Himalayas/Alps etc. on South- West wall can increase your strength and stability in the life.

Vaastu Tips: Water

Well, Boring, Underground water body or source should be in the north, east or north-east of the plot.

Vaastu Tips: Open Space

More open space in north or east gives name, fame, and prosperity. Leaving more space on the south-west side of the house can adversely affect the male members. In the industry, it leads to financial loss and quarrels amongst partners/ executives.

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Vaastu Tips: Extention South-west

Extension in the south-west may result in loss of health, loss of money and other serious problems. A south-west gate may keep the owner away from that place.

Vaastu Tips: Extention South-east

An extension in the south-east may lead to a fire, accidents, theft, and court litigation. A south-west gate may keep the owner away from that place.

Vaastu Tips: Electrical Equipment/gadgets

Keep all fire electrical equipment/gadgets like transformers, generators, motors, boilers, oil engines etc. in the south-east or southern portion of the Plot/Building

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