Vaastu for Servant Room

Vaastu for Servant Room: It is important to construct the Servant room according to Vaastu Shastra principles. If you neglect this place, the consequences are not favorable to you. It certainly changes the mindset of a servant to commit wrongdoings. Keep the servant’s room in the right direction to have proper control over your servant. So, Vaastu Consultant suggests the proper place and direction for the servant’s room.


Vaastu Tips for Servant room

  • Keep the Servant room in the NW corner to keep your control over the servant.
  • You should neither make servant’s room in northeast nor in South-west.

A Vaastu consultant considers the following for Vaastu for studying the Vaastu of the servant room

  • Proper location of the servant room in the house
  • The direction of the entrance
  • Proper placement of the bed in the servant room
  • The direction as well as placement of the windows
  • Direction as well as placement of the electrical appliances
  • The direction as well as placement of the toilet
  • The color scheme of the servant room

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