Vastu for Shop

Vaastu for Shop: A well-known shop is recognized by its name and reputation earned through an effective design and construction of the showroom or shop. The Vastu complaints shop will be built using a proper orientation and directional method, and to think about the location of things such as cash counters and the placement of store materials. Nowadays, more and more people are following Vastu guidelines to build their shops conform to Vastu rules, which are believed to be a success, and ultimately prosperity and peace.


Shop Vastu | Tips you must follow

Vastu for the exteriors of the shop (shape, slope, height, and water level)-- the shape of the shop should be regular like a square or rectangle, for a rectangular shop the length of shop should be less than twice or two times of its width.

According to Vastu Shastra of Shop, a Gurmukhi shop is inauspicious whereas a Sher( Singh) Mukhi shop is considered good.

Vastu for the entrance of a shop-- The entrance in the east, north or North East is good for the shop. The entrance should not be blocked by any poll or tree.

The slope of the shop: The slope of the shop should never be in the SW direction as it can cause monetary losses.

Vastu for the cash counter of the shop-- the cash counter of the shop should be in the north or Southwest direction depending upon the entrance of the shop. Never keep the cash box empty. Always keep some cash or coins in the cash box.

Vastu for the seating arrangement of the MD/owner/Boss of the shop-- As per Vastu shastra, the owner of the shop should sit in a way where he would face towards the east or north. This seating position invites good opportunities and benefits for the business.

Water sources of the shop--

Vastu Shastra advises the location of water sources like taps, RO, water fountain, etc. in the north, east, or northeast direction. Also, keep these directions clean and clutter-free.

Vastu for Puja Ghar/Mandir/auspicious symbols of the shop-- the best location and direction of placing the Mandir or hanging any auspicious symbol in the shop is East, North, or NorthEast. But do not place statues or pictures of Ganeshji and Mahalaxmi on the right side of North East corner.

Location and placement of raw material-- It is best to keep raw material and heavy items in the Southwest direction.

Placement of electrical appliances--Keep computer, TV, AC, etc in the southeast corner of the shop.

Location and placement of mannequins in the shop-- If the mannequins are placed in the right direction of the shop they attract customers. So place them in the Northwest and north of the Northwest of the shop.

Location and placement of mirrors in the shop-- Shops related to clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc have large mirrors so that the customers can see how they look wearing them. As per Vastu shastra, the mirror should be hung or placed in the north, northeast, or West direction.


Vaastu for shop

Some more important Vastu tips for shop

  1. Any mild music played in the shop also keeps negativity away and attracts positive Vibes.
  2. Always keep the shop well lit as any dark corner may invite negativity.
  3. Always keep the shop neat and clean to invite positivity and profits.
  4. Decorate the shop by keeping fresh plants in the right direction.
  5. The shop also should not have thresholds.
  6.  Hang/keep good and pleasing pictures or photographs in the shop.
  7.  Never keep photos of War, crying women, and violent animals in the shop.
  8. You can keep an aquarium with Goldfish in the north or east direction.
  9. Make sure that the doors or Windows of the shop do not make any creeky sound.
  10. Repair any non-working clock, AC, TV, or any other electrical appliance as early as possible.
  11. Daily offer prayers by lighting Diya and burning incense sticks in the shop.
  12. Shops or commercial offices having a triangular shape, irregular shape, extended at the comers (other than the North-East comer) are inauspicious.
  13. It is auspicious to install the idols of god Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi on the right-hand side or in North- East comer.

  14. Mark any auspicious symbol like Swastik and write some auspicious words such as ‘Shubh-Labh’ ‘Riddhi-Siddhi on the wall in the shop. Place the Cash counter facing North. Never keep the Cashbox blank or empty in any case.
  15. Prayers must be offered in the morning and evening, with the lighting a lamp and incense stick (Agarbatti).
  16. Presence of a tree or pole etc. in front of the shop causes Veda, which is inauspicious. It creates problems and disturbances in the business, such as Veda should be avoided.
  17. Keep light items in the North-East portion of the shop. Heavy items should be kept in the Southwest portion.
  18. It is auspicious to keep the North-East comer empty or reserved for the worship of God.

Maha Vaastu Shastra consultant understand that for every shop’s owner cant’t reach to the vastu experts oe vastu consultant. It may be behind that many of reasons exist. But to run shop smoothly and financial things continuously keep on going it’s necessary thats they should follow the vastu principles of shop. Maha Vaastu Shastra experienced vastu consultant say’s there are many tricks, vastu tips and vaastu techniques available which can be used by shopkeepers.

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