Vaastu for Hotel

Vaastu for hotel: Vastu plays a very effective role in calling guests and making profits from them. The placement of the hotel and directions of the specific room in the hotel is directly linked to the guest’s arrival. Tips for Hotels Vastu help the hotel to bring booming business, with the arrival of more and more guests

Tips For Hotel Vaastu

  • Preferred rectangular or square shape plot for Hotel Building.
  • Make sure the slope of the land chosen for the construction of your hotel is faced in the North- East direction.
  • Make sure that the North and East portions of the Hotel Building remain open
  • The ground floor would be apt for the reception and dining area of the hotel.
  • There must be proper provision for light & ventilation of air
  • Make a kitchen in the South-East portion of the building.
  • Place electric equipment in the SE portion
  • Best place for the conference hall is the upper floor of your hotel.
vastu for hotel

Important Vaastu Tip for Hotel

  • Make rooms for customers in the southwest. Place bed in such a way that they sleep with their head towards the South direction
  • Choose the Eastern and Northern portions of the building for constructing a balcony.
  • If you wish to construct a storeroom as well, then opt for the Southern, Western, or Southwestern zone of the building
  • For the installation of AC, a Southeast location would be apt.
  • For electric generator and transformer installations, the Southeast direction is fine.
  • Wash basin should be placed in the North, East, or Northeast directions
  • The right location for the construction of the fountain etc, is North, East, or Northeast.
  • North, East, or Northeast directions are also appropriate for the main entrance of the hotel.

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