Vaastu for Commercial Complex

Commercial complexes are constructed at planned, easily accessible locations within the city for the convenience of user. The building has to be designed to meet various parameters for structural stability, transportation facility, parking of two/three/four wheeled vehicles etc.

With the advancement in technical requirements and con­cept have also changed. Earlier the concept of cubicles is replaced by the concept of open sitting where even the senior executives sit in the same hall/room.

Vaastu for Commercial Complex

Vaastu Guidelines for Commercial Complex

The Vaastu Shastra has provided us following Vaastu guidelines for these kinds of Commercial complex buildings:–

  • The location of the hospital
  • The plot must be in a regular shape, i. e, either square or rectangular.
  • The ground should slope from south to north and west to east.
  • Make sure that the flow of water is from west to east or south to north.
  • Make the entry to the building or plot from the positive zone.
  • Locate the building only in the southwest quadrant. However, if the building is of spread type and spreads in various directions, keep the southwest highest, northeast the lowest whereas west and south high.
  • It is best that the water source is in the northeast.
  • The columns should not obstruct free movement.

Vaastu Tips for Commercial Complex

The Vaastu Shastra has provided us following Vaastu guidelines for these kinds of Commercial complex buildings :–

  • Make and maintain the Pooja place/room only in the northeast.
  • Never make any beams/ overhung etc. over the table or chairs of the officials working in the Office.  In case they are projecting over, provide false ceilings in the entire area at one level.
  • Keep the cubicles/ offices for senior executives in the west, southwest, and south. If south-west is light put additional dead storage. Try to keep maximum open space on the east, northeast, and north.
  • Make sure that toilet is in northwest, west or south avoiding south-west and northeast.
  • Install all electric appliances like a diesel generator, electric batteries, and power back-ups, panel, and switches only in southeast towards the south in the positive zone.
  • Locate the air conditioning plant in the northwest quadrant more towards the west in the positive zone.
  • Install the water-processing unit like the filtration plant in the east zone.
  • Install the computer and telecommunication main unit in northwest or southeast while UPS system in the southeast of the area.
  • Keep the storage racks in the negative zone, i.e. east-southeast, south-south west-west or north west-north. Make the entry to the cubicles/offices from the positive zone of respective units. Keep them regular shaped i.e. rectangle or square.
  • The head of the office must sit in the south-west facing either east or northeast or north. The guest or official should enter only from the front. Avoid the entry from the back door.
  • Partner/directors must sit on the same side of the passage to have heavy harmony between them. Sitting opposite will lead to conflicts, doubts, and tensions

Important Vaastu Tips for Commercial Complex

  • Make the kitchen/pantry only in the southeast towards the negative zone corner but the lunch room, if any, in the west.
  • Hang the display board to show office/company achievements only in the positive zone.
  • Maintain the library or reference center in the northeast with bookshelves in the negative zone.
  • In case bookshelves are provided along the full depth of the room, keep heavy/more books in the negative zone.
  • Do not keep plants with pointed leaves, thorny or cactus variety as well as dry plants. Instead, keep the natural plants with rounded leaves and of green color only inside.
  • Locate the reception and lobby in the northeast area of the office. Make sure that the reception and lobby area is free from clutter/stockpiles of records etc. the wall of reception that face the entrance should not give a dull look. It must create a positive and vibrant feeling in the entrant.
  • Use the space in the basement used for parking or services only. Never place any important offices there. In the basement, only the maintenance, driver, and utility staff should be allowed to work.
  • Keep the lifts in an area other than southwest.
  • Staircase: Prefer to make the staircase in the southwest location to make them high and heavier.

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