Vaastu for Bathroom

The human body is made up of different internal and external organs, and all organs perform their various functions. Likewise, there are different rooms in a house for different kinds of work. The excretory system of the human body is for excreting waste from our bodies. And all other organs function well only if our excretory system functions appropriately. If there is some disturbance, the whole body gets disturbed.


In the same way, if the washrooms/toilets are not in their proper place, the functioning of the entire house will get disturbed.


A few decades ago, the Bathroom was not Part of ‘Vaastu for Home’ but now Vaastu for bathroom is a very important part for Vaastu for Home. Now Toilets and Bathroom both are an integral part of Home. With the use of advanced technology of disposal system and sewage, system toilet is an integral part of Building/Home. So it becomes advisable to follow Vaastu tips for constructing or follow Vaastu Consultant advise for Vaastu remedies.

Vastu-compliant Bathrooms are good for our health, wealth, prosperity, and harmony.

A Vastu-compliant area invites positive energies and, on the other hand, stops negativity from coming there.
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We all know that bathrooms and toilets are places with negative energies and evil vibrations.
But if the bathrooms and toilets are constructed according to Vastu norms, we can protect our house from negativity.

So, Vastu tips should be followed to make the bathrooms Vastu compliant.


Vastu Tips for bathrooms/ toilets - Attached Bathroom


1- Location and direction of the bathroom /toilet - the best directions for the attached Bathroom and toilets are West and Northwest. Otherwise, it may be constructed in the south direction, and avoid constructing it in the North and East. Never construct the toilets in the northeast direction in any case.

But you may build only Bathrooms in the East, NE, and East direction.

2- Placement of taps, shower, washbasin, etc. in the attached washroom - these should be constructed in the East, North or NE directions of the attached Bathroom.

3- The direction of the WC in the toilet in the attached washroom-- as per the attached toilet, the WC should be in the West or northwest direction, and the person should face towards south or North while using it.

4- The direction of the looking glass mirror in the attached washroom - Place/ hang the mirror on the eastern, northern NE wall of the washroom.

5.- Colours of the Bathroom - Use shades of white shades of light blue for a clean and fresh look in the Bathroom. Avoid black, red, and other dark shades.

6- Flooring in the attached washroom - The slope of the Bathroom floor should be towards the North, NE, and East directions.

7- Placement of geyser and washing machine - Place the geyser and washing machine in the southeast or northwest direction of the Bathroom.

8- Location of cupboard/ cabinet - Keep the cupboard or bathroom cabinet on the Southwest side of the Bathroom.

9- Always keep the washroom door closed to avoid negative energy flow in the house and use an exhaust fan after using the toilet/washroom.

Some More Tips Vaastu for Bathroom

10- It is always best to consult a Vastu expert while constructing a washroom or toilet to live a healthy, prosperous, and peaceful life.

12- Make the change room/dressing in the West or South direction.

13- North West direction is best for storage of used clothes

14- Keep the doors of the toilet, bathroom, and dressing, smaller than the door of the bedroom.

15- Do not place looking glass in front of the door

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