Vastu is an ancient science that can help your beauty parlor to flourish and bring prosperity! Here are essential Vastu tips from Vastu experts so you can run a successful Beauty Parlour or Unisex Salon business.

Vastu for beauty parlor | Unisex salon

Each person wants to look good and even the best. Our physical appearance has a significant impact on others. Today a beauty parlour or salon is the need of every human being of every age. It is a place where beauticians make people beautiful by applying various cosmetics and treating skin, nails, and hair. Different kinds of beauty care services are rendered in a beauty parlour.

Are you setting up your beauty parlor but wondering how Vastu can help it succeed? Applying the ancient art of Vastu during the design phase of your business can bring you prosperity and success. Here are five essential tips from Vastu experts Sunil Mehtani to get started!

Vastu for Beauty parlour interiors

The interiors and atmosphere inside the salon or parlour should be such that it attracts and adds to the increasing number of customers. It would help if you lolookingor an interior design as per vastu norms. An experienced vastu expert visits your place and suggests you the construction as well as the exterior and interiors of the beauty parlour/ salon.

Vastu shastra balances all five elements of nature earth, water, space, air, and fire. A Qualified and experienced Vastu consultant balances all these five elements, especially the water, and fire. Both these are the key elements of a beauty salon.

Vastu Tips for beauty parlor | Unisex salon

There are some Vastu guidelines to follow for Vastu for a beauty parlour or unisex salon.

1. Location and direction for beauty parlor unisex salon

Place the beauty parlor in the East, NE, or North zone of your property. According to Vastu, your property's East, NE, and north zones are best for any business. The East zone is considered a directional force of success and prosperity, whereas the north zone is excellent for generating income. Additionally, ensure that both zones have ample sunlight during the day, as natural light helps to create positive energy in your beauty parlor.

Another option can be South-East this direction by governed by Venus. Venus represents the world of beauty, attractiveness, and glamour. It is also the planet of Luxury. The ladies' Parlour should be looking South-East as the SE direction lord Venus is a symbol for ladies. The business of ladies is booming in the South-East direction. This direction is associated with beauty and loveliness. A different direction may be considered, which is North-West, the direction of the moon.

2. Doors in beauty parlor unisex salon

Prefer to keep its entrance in the East, North, or North-East Zones.

3. Mirrors in beauty parlor unisex salon

Keep the mirrors in the North, NE, or East direction; avoid the mirrors in the west, SW, and South Zones. Mirrors are an important element of the Parlour, so according to Vastu, the mirrors must be located either in the East, NE or North directions of your Parlour. Thus, place 80% or more of your mirrors in the North, NE or East Direction to ensure that customers must face North, NE or East when they are in service.

4. Boss cabin/seat in beauty parlor unisex salon as per Vastu

The Owner of the beauty parlour should sit in the Southwest in such a way that while sitting, he faces towards the East, NE, or North direction. Vastu Tips for a Flourishing Beauty Parlour Unisex Salon

Business executives should take up an office located in the western area inofhe workplace. They should be facing the East, North, and northeast direction since it aids in improving leadership skills. Vastu directions that are conducive to financial prosperity are northeast and north. Lord Kubera controls the northern direction; the God of wealth. The planetary Lord of the North Direction is Mercury.

5. Treatments in Beauty Parlaur or Unisex Salon

  • Facial treatments: Suppose you wish to create a separate area for facial treatments. The room must be situated in the direction of Southwest or West. The belief is that the Southwest represents the area for earth-based elements. Clients will be relaxed. The direction their head is when lying down must be toward the South.
  • Pedicure and Manicure: Suppose you're thinking about which location is the pedicure and Manicure section or the waxing section. Vastu suggests that it should be located in North-West. If North-West does not have enough space, it could be put to the West and Southwest.
  • Waxing: Waxing sections can be provided in the South-East. If you are looking to provide steam or sauna, they could be provided within the South-East, i.e. the fire zone of your salon.
  • Water resources /water therapy-- Keep the water tap, water cooler, spa, water therapy range, washroom, etc., in the North, NE, or East direction.

7. Washroom in Beauty Parlaur or Unisex Salon

Washroom in it is an idol to make the washroom in SSW and North-west directions. Never make a toilet in the east or North East direction.

8. Reception in Beauty Parlaur or Unisex Salon

The receptionist at the office should convey positive impressions to guests, customers, clients, or employees. The reception area is the best in the East, North or Northeast direction. when you are dealing with customers, your eyes should be facing North-East. Set the name board for the office on the wall to the South, and set the reception desk diagonally to the entrance door. The receptionist should be in the direction of North, NE or East.

9. Cash counter in Beauty Parlaur or Unisex Salon

Place the cash box in the North, NE, and East directions to collect the cash. For Lockers, SW Zone is best. Keep the aquarium near the cash counter.

10. Steam room/Sona shower/ geyser/ pantry/ other electrical appliances in Beauty Parlaur or Unisex Salon

Make steam, Sona shower cabinet in the southeast direction. Place the geyser and other electrical appliances also in the southeast direction. Keep the head of the facial bed in the north direction.

11. Product display in Beauty Parlaur or Unisex Salon

arrange a wall unit /rack in the North-west zone to sell your products. Regular and daily sales items must be kept in the northwestern part of the store. North-West is also known as the Vayuvay kon. This can increase the sales of your merchandise. Each Parlour has a retail store that stores extra items. It should be in your West or Southwest.

12. Colours in Salon in Beauty Parlaur or Unisex Salon

The salon's colours should be neutral and not too vibrant or unsettling.

13. Waiting area in Beauty Parlaur or Unisex Salon

Make the waiting area for customers in the North-west direction. Vastu suggests the northwest sides of the space are ideal for the waiting area. Avoid the southeast direction of the waiting room since it can lead to unhappiness and even disputes.

14. Place of Dustbin in Beauty Parlaur or Unisex Salon

Keep the dustbin in Southeast or NW Zones. Never keep the dustbin in the NE direction because it could affect your mental well-being.

Others important Tips in Beauty Parlaur or Unisex Salon

Keep the beauty parlour neat. Decorate it with flowers and plants. You may keep a Ganesha idol and bamboo plant in the East, North, or northeast direction reception area.

These suggestions will aid you in growing your business.

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