Vastu for wealth: Money plays an important role in our lives. We buy all necessities as well as luxuries of life with money. A continuous and easy flow of money and financial stability makes life easier.

Wealth Vaastu

Vastu Shastra balances the five elements - water, fire, air, space and earth- which help bring prosperity and happiness to your home. To gain financial stability and get the blessings of Lord Kuber, the god of wealth, you should follow some Vastu tips.

Vastu tips for wealth

Location of cupboard and locker- Make the cupboard or safe/locker for keeping money and jewelry in the south or Southwest direction.

This direction ensures stability. Make sure that the locker should open towards the north. Avoid opening it towards the West or South as it results in loss of money and heavy expenditure.

Entrance- Be sure that the main entrance door is clean and without any cracks.

It should not make any creaking sound. Make your entry attractive.

Overhead water tank -  Keep the overhead water tank in the Southwest direction. Placing it in the southeast or NorthEast can cause financial pressure.

Paintings and other decor items- Hang paintings of waterfalls, rushing rivers, flying birds, and running horses to invite money.

Placing an aquarium: Placing an aquarium in the North or NorthEast with Goldfish also brings in money.

You can keep Buddha or Ganesha statues in the right direction for prosperity.

Clean and clutter-free environment - Keep your home clean and clutter-free in the maximum possible way. Discard useless and non-working things. Keep the Ishan cone (NorthEast) of the house open and clean.

Fix leaking taps - Keep a check on the working of water sources; if there is any leakage in any tap or water pipe, fix or change that immediately. Leaking results in a loss of financial stability.

Clear out broken, cracked objects - Never keep broken or cracked Mirrors, windows, clocks, idols, vessels etc., in your house, as broken things obstruct the incoming positive energy.

Location of the bedroom -  Never make the bedroom in the southeast corner of your house, as it results in loss of wealth.

Location of bathroom and toilet - Make the bathroom and toilet in the Northwest. Never make a toilet in North East in any case, as it will result in Poor health and financial losses.

Money plant - It is said that a money plant brings good luck and prosperity. You may keep different money plants in the correct direction for the purpose.

Kuber Yantra -Lord Kuber is the lord of wealth and prosperity. He rules the NorthEast corner of your house. Make sure always to keep the NorthEast corner of your home clean and clutter-free. Place a Kuber yantra here. This activates new financial opportunities and invites wealth and prosperity.

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