Vaastu for Garage

Vaastu for Garage: The garage is as important as the house itself. Like Vaastu for Home, Vaastu for Garage also provides Positive energy and the promise of a healthy And wealthy life. Perfect Vaastu for Garage also provides better efficiency and long life of vehicles.

Tips: Vaastu for Garage

  1. Make provision for a car garage in the Northwest or Southeast of your house.
  2. Make the garage gate face East or North.
  3. Keep the height of the garage gate less than the height of the main gate of the house.
  4. The gate must open freely, without any Noise or any obstruction.
  5. Make provision for free movement of air and light in the Garage.
  6. Do not store inflammable material inside a garage.
  7. Make sure the slope of the floor is towards the Eastern or Northern direction in the garage.
  8. Make sure that the car shed does not touch the main building or the compound wall.
  9. You must not make the Garage or park the car in the Northeast direction of the house. The Northeast area is permissible for Parking if the garage is in the basement.
  10. A garage in the SW means rare usage of the car.
  11. At the time of parking, always park your car with its front portion facing the North or East. This would ensure that the car would never get overheated.
  12. The path where the garage gate opens should be clear, allowing easy accessibility for the car’s movement.
  13. White, yellow, or any other light color are the best and most auspicious colors for the garage.

Vaastu for Portico

  1. If you do not have much space, for constructing a garage then it is the best option to construct a portico for parking the car in the house.
  2. The best location of the portico is in the North or East of the Northeast in the plots/houses facing North or East directions.
  3. Make sure that the portico does not touch the main building.
  4. Construct the pillars of partico away from the main building with a cantilever roof.

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