Vaastu for Kitchen

If the kitchen is constructed as per Vastu Shastra, it may sort out all health problems, monetary troubles, and family conflicts.

Vaastu for Kitchen: The kitchen is the source from where we get energy and good health, and it is also an area that attracts the maximum amount of energy. Therefore, it is better to follow some Vastu principles to set up a kitchen. A Vastu-compliant kitchen attracts maximum possible positivity and discards the negativity too. This, in turn, is the leading cause of better health, relations, and happiness of the inmàtes of the house.

The best Vastu consultant provides you with some tips about the location and direction of the kitchen, along with the location and placement of different appliances and things used in the kitchen.

Kitchen vastu in delhi

Vaastu Tips for Kitchen

  • The southeast corner is the best place for the Kitchen.
  • The second best place for Kitchen is North-West direction.
  • Make placement of stove in the Southeast direction in the Kitchen in such a way that while cooking face should be in the east direction.
  • There should be proper ventilation in the Kitchen and must have the window in the East and North directions.
  • At the time of cooking, the kitchen door should not be behind you.
  • South-East comer is suitable for the cooking range /stoves/burner.
  • Make the water sources like a tap, sink, and RO(water purifier) in the East or North-East direction. Repair the leaking taps immediately; otherwise, it will cause a loss of wealth.
  • Do not place Freeze North-East and South-West in the Kitchen.
  • Store food and edible items in South /West/South West.
  • If there is a dining table in the Kitchen, it should be in North-West or West Side.
    Bedrooms should not situate just opposite the Kitchen.
  • The kitchen doors facing the main entrance door shows the difference of opinion and disrespect between partners.
  • Avoid Kitchen and bathroom together.
    Place fridge in the south-West corner.
    The best place in Gyser is South-East.
    The food grain storage room should be in the North West comer.
  • Orange, pink and yellow color is best for Kitchen.