Vaastu for Kitchen

If the kitchen is constructed as per Vastu Shastra, it may sort out all health problems, monetary troubles, and family conflicts.

Vaastu for Kitchen: The kitchen is the source from where we get energy and good health, and it is also an area that attracts the maximum amount of energy. Therefore, it is better to follow some Vastu principles to set up a kitchen. A Vastu-compliant kitchen attracts maximum possible positivity and discards the negativity too. This, in turn, is the leading cause of better health, relations, and happiness of the inmàtes of the house.

The best Vastu consultant provides you with some tips about the location and direction of the kitchen, along with the location and placement of different appliances and things used in the kitchen.

Kitchen vastu in delhi

Kitchen Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, choosing the correct location for the Kitchen is crucial.

The best direction to take for your Kitchen is as per Vastu Shastra

  • The southeast zone is the most appropriate direction for the Kitchen according to the Vastu Shastra. Lord Venus rules this Aagnay Disha. The second ideal location for a Kitchen is in the Northwest direction (vaveya Disha), governed by Lord Moon. Because Vayu is in the endorses of Agni. It is vital to avoid making Kitchens in north, west, and northeast directions in your house.


The most effective direction to place your Stove in the Kitchen, according to Vastu Shastra

  • In accordance with Vastu Shastra, Place the Stove in the Southeast orientation in your Kitchen in a manner that when cooking, the face should be facing east.


Kitchen slab Vastu

  • If you are looking for a kitchen slab, as per Vastu Shastra, it's recommended to choose marble or stone instead of granite, particularly in black. The colour of the countertop depends on the direction in which the Kitchen is situated. A brown or green slab is the best choice if your Kitchen is situated in the East. If your Kitchen is situated in the Northeast, pick the yellow slab. According to Vastu guidelines, brown or green slabs work best for kitchens within the Southeast or South. A yellow or grey slab is suggested for kitchens located in the West. Green is the colour for kitchen slabs in the north. However, it is recommended to avoid having the Kitchen in the north or NE Zone.


Doors and Windows in Kitchens according to Vaastu

  • Doors and Windows in Kitchens A spacious, clean and free of clutter is essential to ensure well-being and health. The Kitchen should have windows and be open and well-lit. To prevent clutter and give you plenty of space to cook in the Kitchen, it is essential to have proper ventilation in the Kitchen. The windows and doors should be in the Kitchen's East, NE or North directions.


The ideal place for electric appliances as per Vastu

  • The ideal place for electric appliances in the Kitchen, according to Vastu is the Southeast Corner, SE direction is ideal for cooking ranges, stoves, and burners.


The ideal place for sinks is in the Kitchen Vastu.

  • The water sources look like Sink and tap, and an RO (water cleanser) located in an East, North, or North-East direction is best. When designing the kitchen sink, ensure it's not parallel or in the direction of the Stove or cooking space. This is because the Stove symbolizes the element of fire and the Sink connects with the element of water. The two elements shouldn't be placed side-by-side to avoid any adverse effects. They may be placed facing one another.


Kitchen shades as per Vastu Shasta

  • The Kitchen's color, according to Vastu, orange, pink and yellow colors are ideal for the Kitchen.

Wall colors for kitchens, according to Vastu Represents

White - Cleanliness and Pureness

Yellow Cheery, Pastel shades - warm colors, and love

Light brown -  Stability

  • According to Vastu Shastra, white is the ideal color to paint the Kitchen. However, do not overdo it with white. You shouldn't apply too much red in the Kitchen because it can create unstable energy. Avoid dark hues as they could cause depression. Other colors suggested for kitchens are yellow, Lemon, green, and orange. They represent nourishing colors and fire colors. Opt for white on the Kitchen's ceiling to bring equilibrium. Avoid black, grey, and blue colors within the Kitchen.


Colors for Kitchen cabinets' flooring, slabs, and floors

Yellow, Lemon, or green cabinets - Clean, healthy, and freshness

Ceramic tiles, mosaics, or marble flooring - positivity

Granite slabs or quartz. - the balance of the surroundings


Storage of food Items

  • Store food things in the Kitchen's South, West, and southwest directions. The storage area for food grains should be located in this North West comer.


Avoid having a bathroom and Kitchen together

  • Take note of not planning the Kitchen and the toilets and not constructing a toilet on top of the Kitchen.

The kitchen cabinet

In any kitchen, the placement of the cabinets, as per vastu, can affect the energy flow within the home. Make sure you have the best cabinets in the Kitchen's west and south walls.

Kitchen appliances and their location, according to Vastu

Entrance door - Northeast or West

Gas Cylinder - Southeast

Cooking gasoline - Southeast corner

Refrigerator - Southeast, South, SW or West

Equipment (e.g. heaters, conventional ovens, microwaves ovens) - Southeast or South

Storage racks - Western or southern wall

Sink - Northeast corner

Drinking water - north-east

Exhaust fan and windows - East direction

Clocks East, NE, or North Direction


The Kitchen Vaastu: What to do and Don'ts

  • Don't build your Kitchen directly beneath or on top of the toilets.
  • Keep medicines out of the Kitchen.
  • Take care of storing waste materials such as old newspapers, clothes and other items you don't want inside the Kitchen.
  • Don't keep salt in iron or steel tools.
  • The Sink, washbasins, and cooking area should be placed on a separate platform or in a parallel position to each other in the Kitchen. Since water and fire are opposing elements, they could cause tensions and conflicts between family members and couples.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, do not place the shoe rack too close towards the Kitchen.
  • Do not wear footwear inside the Kitchen. If you have to wear slippers, make sure to keep an extra pair at home.
  • Don't keep broken or chipped dishes, pans, or cups.
  • Make sure to clean your Kitchen and all utensils regularly in the evening before you go to bed.
  • Be sure your garbage bin is secured with a lid and that the bins are cleaned frequently.
  • Keep a tulsi, pudina bamboo or a plant of your choice in the window of your Kitchen. Avoid plants with thorns since they cause tensions in the surrounding.
  • In order to fill the Kitchen with positive energy, make sure that the Kitchen smells great. Using boiling orange peels, lemon peels, or cinnamon sticks, you can make a natural air freshener.
  • Clean the burners of your kitchen stove to ensure a smooth cash flow within a household.
  • To store grains and stocks of everyday things, choose the southwest-facing direction of the Kitchen as recommended by Vastu, which is believed to bring prosperity and good fortune.
  • Do not keep empty jars or containers; add some grains.
  • According to kitchen Vastu, the knives and other tools should be undercover. If they are left out in the open, it could result in a problematic relationship with friends and family.
  • Keep pickles in a secure location to avoid bitterness in relationships.
  • Repair the leaky taps as soon as they happen; if it does not, it could result in a loss of wealth. The drip of water from a tap or pipe leaking in the Kitchen signifies that wealth is draining out of one's existence and must be fixed immediately.
  • Ensure the kitchen door is not behind you when you cook your meals.
  • Dining table located in the Kitchen If there's a dining table in your Kitchen, the table should be located on the Northwest or West Side.
  • Bedrooms shouldn't be located directly facing the Kitchen.
  • The Kitchen doors facing the main entrance display the differences of opinion and lack of respect between the partners.
  • The best location for Gyser is located in the Southeast Direction of the Kitchen.
  • Don't keep the garbage bin in the north or NE part of the Kitchen.
  • Avoid cooking in an area with an overhead beam.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which direction should you face when cooking, in accordance with Vastu?

It is recommended to face east while cooking. Therefore, kitchen appliances like gas stoves and kitchen appliances must be placed so that one is facing east when cooking.

What color is the best for the kitchen slab per Vastu?

The perfect colors for kitchen countertops are white, yellow, green, and orange.

Which Direction is not good for the Kitchen?

A kitchen located in the Northeast or north direction is not advised as it could significantly impact a person's financial and professional life. In the same way, the southwest is not a good choice for a kitchen as it could impact marriage relationships.

Best Location for Kitchen for North Facing House?

According to Vastu, a Southeast or NW direction for the Kitchen is recommended.

Where do I put your garbage container in my Kitchen?

Place garbage bins in the southeast, or northwest.

Can I keep my bamboo plant that is lucky in the Kitchen?


Is it okay to cook in the direction of the South?

According to Vastu, do not face the South when cooking because it can cause financial problems. The most effective way to cook is to cook facing East when you cook.

Where to put a gas stove in the Kitchen?

According to Vastu, the best direction for a gas stove in the Kitchen is Southeast, since this is where the fire is believed to be.

What is the best place for the Sink to be located in the Kitchen?

The ideal direction for Kitchen sinks, according to Vastu, is in the Northeast, East or north direction.

Which is the most appropriate direction for the Kitchen?

According to Vastu Shastra, the direction to the Southeast for the Kitchen is recommended.

Best Direction for Kitchen for East Facing House?

According to Vastu, a Southeast or NW direction for the Kitchen is recommended.

Best Direction for Kitchen for South Facing House?

As per Vastu Shastra, a Southeast or NW direction for the Kitchen is recommended.

Best Location for Kitchen for West Facing House?

According to Vastu, a Southeast or NW direction for the Kitchen is recommended.