Vastu for Happiness

For your family's happiness and well-being, proper Vastu for the house is important. The energies of your house directly influence your life. If the energy is positive and good, it certainly pulls happiness into your home; otherwise, the negative energy badly affects your life.

Some Vastu tips and important Vastu principles should be followed for this purpose.

Vastu balances all five elements i.e. earth, water, air, fire, and space, bringing positive energy into your house.

  1. Vastu for entrance: It is the main entrance through which the energy goes into and out of the house. The North, east, or NorthEast is the preferred direction for the house's entrance. Otherwise, some Vastu remedies should be done to avoid any Vastu dosha.
  2. Make sure the entrance gate is clean and bright and the passage is clutter and obstacle free.
  3. Do not place any fountain, decorative water piece, or shoe rack near or in front of the main door.
  4. Vastu for Brahmasthan: Brahmasthan is the area Central to the house; make sure to keep it clean and clutter-free. Avoid keeping any heavy items here.
  5. Vastu for bedroom: the best direction for a couple's bedroom is southwest; keep the bed so that your head should never be North while sleeping. Avoid placing a mirror or TV directly in front of the bed.
  6. Avoid making pooja Ghar/mandir in the bedroom. Never sleep under The Beam.
  7. Vastu for the kitchen: Southeast is the best direction for making the kitchen; otherwise, it should be in the Northwest direction. Place the gas stove in the East. Water sources should be in the East, northeast, or north direction. The kitchen should always be neat, hygienic, and tidy.
  8. Vastu for puja room: Make Pooja room in the North, northeast, or east direction. Pooja room should never be under the staircase, adjacent to toilets or store room. Never keep broken idol frames, dry rotten flowers, etc., here.
  9. Vastu for stairs: Make sure that the stairs are in the West or south direction of the house and that they move from left to right (clockwise).
  10. Vastu for toilet /washrooms: Vastu suggests toilets/washrooms in the Northwest direction.
  11. Always keep the door of the toilet closed to avoid spreading negative energy.
  12. Vastu for doors and windows: Make sure that there are more big doors and windows in the East and North.
  13. Try to make an even number of Windows. Avoid having Windows in the Southwest direction.
  14. Vastu for study room: Children's study room should be in the East, northeast, or North. Make the study room's interiors and furniture placement by following Vastu principles.

Other Important Vastu tips for Happiness:

  1. Clean out any broken items like decorative items, clocks, crockery, Mirrors, idols, etc.
  2. Fix any leaking water taps.
  3. Avoid painting and pictures depicting war or cruelty, sadness, etc.
  4. Discard or fix any non-working appliances or clocks.
  5. Hang wind chimes as per Vastu guidelines to attract more positive energy and happiness.
  6. Keep Buddha and Ganesha statues in your home in the correct direction for decoration.
  7. Keep the water fountain in the right position to attract positive energy and happiness.