Vastu for Office | Important Vastu Tips

Vastu for Office - The financial position of every business primarily depends on receipts, cash flow, and payments.  Your office should have interiors, furniture & fixtures, etc. in the right direction to pave the way for prosperity and positivity there.

Vastu for office ensures not only positivity but also financial gains, stability, and success in the office.


Vastu Shastra Guidelines for Office


There are some Vastu for office tips which should be followed to avail the success in business:-

  • The seating position of the MD/owner/ Boss The seating position of the MD/owner/ Boss owner should be set facing the north, east, or northeast direction of the office for financial growth.


  • The seating position of marketing accounting and other staff sales and marketing staff - The seating position of marketing accounting and other staff sales and marketing staff should sit in the Northwest direction facing the northeast direction for more concentration and productivity.


  • Accounts Departments - On the other hand, Accountants should sit in the southeast direction facing north east direction.


  • Position of cupboards/ Almirah - Position of cupboards Important financial documents should be safely kept in a cupboard in the Southwest corner of the office and that should face the northeast direction.


  • Office entrance - Vastu for office entrance the entrance of the office should be in the north or northeast or East direction as the north is known as the direction of the lord of wealth. Also, place a bunch of French lavender flowers or green jade flowers on the reception desk.


  • Keep laughing Buddha statue on/near the reception desk diagonally opposite the front door. You can also keep the money plant, lucky bamboo plant, and Lily plant here.


  • Never keep any thorny or bushy plant in any case.


  • Vastu tips for office pantry/ canteen - Vastu tips for office pantry/ canteen the pantry and canteen of the office should be in the southeast direction. Paint it in shades of light blue or green colors. Never make the pantry in the north direction.



Vastu tips for office interiors and Decor


Keep the finished goods in the Northwest direction and avoid keeping them in the northeast direction.


Position of electrical equipment:- keep the generator, electric meter, Transformers, AC, fridge, printer, scanner, Wi-Fi routers, etc in the southeast direction of the office.


The logo or company - The logo or company's profile should be on the south wall of the Reception area of the office.


scenery/ painting - Place a scenery/ painting of mountains or auspicious seven running horses in the cabin of Boss behind the chair.


Office table - Office tables should be square or rectangular always keeping them clean and clutter-free.



Vastu tips for office washrooms


The washroom should be in the SSW, West or Northwest direction to avoid negative energy. It should never be in the East, North East, North, or southeast directions.


Vastu Tips for color


Vastu tips for coloring office walls paint the office walls in shades of white light blue or light green. Avoid painting them in red.


Vastu tips for office Pooja Ghar/temple place


the temple/idol of the Lord in the northeast or east direction of the office. Always keep it clean and decorate it with flowers (fresh if possible) and incense sticks.


Vastu tips for office parking


Vehicles of the office employees should be parked towards the Northwest of the office building. Avoid parking in the northeast direction.


Vastu tips for basement


Office should be in the east or north direction of the land otherwise it can have negative effects on the business.



Vastu Shastra's tips for home office


  • Set up your home office/ Desk in the West or Southwest direction. While sitting you should face towards the North East. Avoid sitting with a wall at the back and in front of a door.


  • Keep a rectangular/square-shaped table. If you are working on a dining table then it should not have a glass top on it.

An Expert Vaastu Consultant also recommends you some guidelines of Vastu Shastra for Office like:-

  • Proper location of the office within the building
  • Best place of the Prime boss is in South-West facing towards East or North.
  • The Best place for computer room is in the South-East.
  • The Best place of the pantry is in South-East or North-West.
  • Best place of the marketing department is in the North-West.
  • The Best place of Cashier ought to be in the North.
  • There shouldn’t be any obstacle in front of any door.

In conclusion, Best Vaastu Consultant thoroughly analyzes Office and provides the following guidelines

Vastu for office seating: seating plan of the Management and Staff
Vastu for office cabin/cubicle: where should be the location of the Head’s cabin/cubicle.

The Vastu for office table/desk: Where should we keep the office table/desk
Vastu for office entrance / main door: best location for office entrance / main door
Vastu for office interiors: interiors/wall colors/paintings/sculptures/wall clock/furniture and furnishing/plants for the office (indoor and outdoor)

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