Vaastu for Pooja Room

The pooja room is the most auspicious and sacred room of your home. You keep the deity’s images, religious texts, idols, and other Godly belongings in this room along with the worship of the Almighty. Hence it should be built according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra.

Pooja means remembering their respective religious god in any manner. The face of the pooja room of your house affects your whole family. So the architecture of your pooja room is according to the direction of Vastu for the pooja room. Because the day started with pooja not only gives you positive energy but also affects your whole day's work. So you should not ignore Vastu for the pooja room.

Maha Vaastu Shastra's Vastu Consultant - Vastu Expert and astrologer may provide the following Vaastu tips for the Pooja room.

Pooja-room Vastu

Guidelines for Vastu for Pooja room

Direction and location of Pooja room - The best direction for making the pooja room is the North- East The Other second best options are the north and East directions. Avoid making the pooja room in the south. You should face towards the north or East while offer praying.

Never make a Pooja room under a staircase or near the washroom and toilet - Never make a Pooja room under a staircase or near the washroom and toilet It is ideal to make Poojaroom on the ground floor of the house.
Pooja room in basement or terrace is also not recommended- Pooja room in basement or terrace is also not recommended.

Pooja room design as per Vastu shastra- Construct a pyramid-shaped Tower for the pooja room.

Keep idols in the Northeast - Keep idols in the Northeast and not too close to the wall. Keep idols in such a way that they must not face each other or the door.

Doors and windows of the pooja room - Doors and windows of the pooja room should be in the North, NE, or East direction.

Place Diya(lamp)/ Agni Kund in the southeast direction - Place Diya(lamp)/ Agni Kund in the southeast direction.

It is best to have shutters on the doors of Pooja's room.

Cupboards or storage space in Pooja room - Make cupboards or storage space in the west or south direction in the pooja room. The threshold is also recommended for the pooja room as per Vastu shastra.

Pooja room in living room/ kitchen or kids' room- You can make the Puja Ghar in your living room, kid's room, or kitchen if you do not have any other suitable place in your home - but it should be in the North East corner of these.

Pooja room in the bedroom- Ideally the pooja room should not be in the couple's bedroom. But if it is impossible to make it anywhere else due to lack of space then make it in the North-East corner of the bedroom. Make sure to pull curtains or shut the doors of the Mandir after offering prayers in the evening.

  • Your feet should not point towards the pooja room while sleeping.
    Colors of Pooja room

Colors in pooja Room - Use light soothing shades of white or yellow colors in the Pooja room. You can also opt for beige or light blue, peach, etc.

Lights for Pooja room-  as per Vastu shastra There should be proper natural light in the pooja room. The pooja room should also be well illuminated after the sunset. Avoid any kind of darkness there.

Decor ideas for the pooja room -  Along with soothing colors on the wall, the pooja room should be neatly decorated. Keep Pooja room decoration minimal.

Clean and clutter Pooja Room - Keep your pooja ghar clean and clutter-free. Never make it over-decorated.


Other tips for the pooja room Vaastu

  1. Make sure that pictures or idols of God and deities are not torn, cracked, or chipped. If it is so replace that immediately.
  2. Try to keep idols not more than 9 inches or less than 2 inches in height in your pooja room.
  3. Usage of copper vessels in the pooja room is recommended as they are considered auspicious.
  4. If the pooja Ghar is in the dining room try to separate it using a divider. You can use any curtain or a glass or fiber divider for the purpose.
  5. Never make Pooja room in the store room.
  6. Never bring the idols from an old temple to your new home.
  7. Avoid keeping pictures or photos of your ancestors/ dead people in the pooja room.
  8. Do not make Pooja room above, below, or next to the toilet.
  9. Women should not enter the Pooja room during the menses period.
  10. Scenes from the Mahabharat and photographs of birds and animals should not be in the Puja room.


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