Vaastu for Dining room

Vaastu for Dining room: Our and our family's thinking alters simply by the food eaten by us. There are several designs, architecture, and colors and according to religion it also varies but the dining-room Vastu remains the same everywhere. As per the direction is given by Vaastu consultant of maha Vaastu Shastra dining room must peaceful, relaxed, and easy
Apart from Vaastu for the dining room, there are other factors too that need our eye of attention. Like taking food the mood of eaters should be happy no pressure of any work should exist there, their talking way to each other at that time, etc. So Keep in mind that dining-room Vastu is important but eaters' behavior at that time is too important.

Vaastu Tips for Dining Room

  • The Best location for the dining hall is in the west direction.
  • As far as possible make the Dining room near the kitchen.
  • Head of the family should face towards the west
  • Avoid facing North while having food.
  • Make an arrangement for the extra chair at the dining table.
  • The dining table should be either square or rectangular avoid using the round table.
  • The table should not be opposite the entrance door.
  • The dining room should not have an attached toilet.
  • North or East is the best place for Tap/ washbasin
  • Make the entrance and window in the positive zone.
  • The portraits of landscape and nature enhance the environment
  • The color of the Dining Room should be light green, pink, cream.