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VASTU Tips For Flat

Arranging the newly purchased or rented flat: The architecture of flats should follow Vastu for Flats, the procedures laid by Vastu Shastra, or it can hurt our lives. You could invite misfortunes in your life if you ignore Vastu's suggestion while constructing a flat. Vastu assists in making a living in flats comfortable and prevents ailments and other hazards from entering your relationships or life. This article delivers essential guidelines to keep in mind when planning to design a house. Please read them carefully to find out the best Vasthu for flats to bring happiness to your life and make it prosperous.

According to Vaastu,

  1. The bedroom for the master should sit situated in the southwest part of the house. The master bedroom must be on the upper floor if the home has several floors.
  2. The ceiling must be on the same level, as it makes the entire energy of the room consistent and allows the inhabitants to remain in a stable mental state.
  3. Built children's rooms in the North or East direction.
  4. The attached bathroom must be built either in the SSW or WNW direction. The Rains water should be directed towards the North.
  5. The drawing room should be in the northwestern, South, or West direction. Furniture should be placed in SW, West, and or South directions. Leave free space in the north and east directions.
  6. Southeast is the best direction for Kitchen. Your face should be towards the East while cooking. The tap for water in the Kitchen should be located in the NE direction.
  7. The Northeast, North, and East corners are the best for study rooms. If the study area and the place of worship are nearby, it's believed the most suitable.
  8. Built Store in Southeast or NW Direction.
  9. The bedroom for children must be designed at the North, East, or Northeast corner. Avoid children's bedrooms in the southwest direction.
  10. Cover the Kitchen's daily waste in the southwest part of the Kitchen.
  11. The doors in the East and North are auspicious.
  12. Make more doors and windows in East, NE, or North directions
  13. The guest room must be located in the direction of northwest.
  14. The NW direction room is ideal for women who have yet to marry.
  15. Install beautiful images, paintings, wall hangings, mirrors, clocks, and pictures on the north or east walls.
  16. Cover the South, SE, and west-facing balcony with heavy curtains to avoid the summer heat. You can also put up heavy poked plants in this area.
  17. Create drinking water arrangements in either the North, NE, or East direction.
  18. There should be no Leakage on taps as it could result in a waste of cash.
  19. Plant medicinal, herbaceous flowers, pious, and medicinal plants in the flat. Heavy plants should be kept to the South. Get rid of all cactus and other spiky, smelly, or milky sap-producing plant species and trees.
  20. Do not allow entry to unlucky birds like pigeons, kites, and crows. Do not allow any bird to construct a nest on your home's property.


Living jointly in cramped flat blocks is inevitable in densely populated cities. The main reasons are the high land cost and the limited space availability. The exact orientation principles in Vaastu Shastra apply to the entire apartment block and every single apartment (Flat) in a multi-story building or multi-story society:

The entire society should be designed. The same principles as Vaastu Shastra will be followed the same way as they are in the individual home.

If you decide to purchase a Flat in Housing Society, you must follow Vastu Shastra's guidelines.

  1. The society's plot must be rectangular or square with a length of not more than one-half of the width. Society could transform the irregular plot into an even shape by cutting off the extended areas and using them for various purposes like planting trees, gardens, playgrounds, gyms, stores, libraries, shops, etc. The distribution of ample space for any particular task should be based on the guidelines in Vaastu Shastra. For instance, libraries are ideal in the West is more populated; however, the gym is most effective in the SE.
  1. A housing community with roads that are located in the North, NE, or East is the most effective direction to go and will yield good results.
  2. All roads in society are beneficial if the roads do not disrupt sleep at night.
  3. Common things in society, such as an elevator, staircases, underground water tanks, overhead tanks, parking, septic tank, and open space such as a Garden, Park, gym and the common area, drains, and security guards' room, must be located by the principles in the Vastu Shastra.
  4. The plot's slope must be toward the East, North-East, or North.
  5. The mass and height of the construction area must be in the southwest direction.
  6. Make sure that more Windows and doors are located in the East, North-East, or North direction.
  7. Balcony in the North, northeast, or East direction is best. Be sure to avoid buying a home with only a balcony in the southwest, West, or south direction.
  8. Built Tower in the West, southwest, and south zones of the plot
  9. Avoid buying circular, curved, or otherwise unsymmetrical flats that are not symmetrical. It would be best if you opted for rectangular or square flats. Square structures are considered to be a blessing. Every space in your home should be roughly square.
  10. Apartments in the block's North, East, and northeast are the most desirable. They can attract positive energy in the morning. They will keep negative energies away from the flat.
  11. The block shouldn't be situated too close to any other apartment building, and it should be able to have space around it. The open space makes it airy.
  12. Be careful to ensure that apartments are not shadowed by buildings higher up.
  13. Ensure eco-friendly and auspicious building materials are used to build a community of multi-story structures. Certain building materials, such as natural sand, limestone, marble, and sandstone, affect the people who live there. Granite or quartz and reinforced concrete exhibit an overwhelming Ting effect, and glass create a feeling of unease. This is why they can cause health issues of different kinds. Natural stones and bricks are the best materials for home construction. Vaastu recommends using hard stones that make a deep sound when struck or glowed.
  14. Within an apartment building, the negative impact of obstructions is predominant at the lower levels. The upper floors will be hot in summer.
  15. There shouldn't be any moisture or leaks within the flat. Be sure to look at the toilet and bathrooms.
  16. Do not buy flats that are under overhead tanks.
  17. Care for Brahmsthana and NE in the Flat. There is no toilet in the NE of the Flat.
  18. Make sure you follow the correct Muhurat at the time of buying the Flat or at the time of Grah Parvesh

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