About Swimming Vaastu

As per the Vaastu shastra principle if the placement of the swimming pool in the wrong direction then it can invite bad luck. As we know water have absorbing nature if the swimming pool builds in the right direction then it helps in reserving positive energy.


  • As per the principle of the Vaastu shastra of the swimming pool the ideal direction of the pool is northeast. If a pool exists in this direction then it will lead the house or building in a good direction. Vaastu consultant says if no space exists in the northeast direction then a swimming pool can be constructed in the north or east direction.
  • If a swimming pool exists on the southwest side of the house or building then it gives bad luck to the house. So as per Vaastu shastra for the swimming pool, this direction should be avoided.
  • If you are planning to place a swimming pool on the top of the roof or on the terrace of the house then it should be placed carefully otherwise it leads to problems in future
  • Vastu Guidelines for Swimming pool in Delhi & NCR India contact or send your details to Vaastu consultant of maha Vaastu shastra