Vaastu Directions

 Vaastu Directions -The different directions have different effects on human beings/living creatures. When we analyse these directions concerning the native horoscope based on Kala Pursh, the results will clarify the extent of achievement and failures one has.
There are ten directions, but according to the compass, only eight directions exist. Compass has 360 degrees in total with its radius. Each Direction is allotted 45 degrees.
Vaastu For Direction is the angular Direction become more influential as they get strength from different sides so the benefit or negative results will be twice the normal Direction.
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North: (Kuber): The God of Wealth.

Defects in the north may lead to losses to parental relations and prosperity.

North East : (Ishwar) The God supreme:

The defect may lead to progeny problems.

East : (Inder) Lord of Devas

While constructing a house or any structure, leave open space in the East. The smooth functioning of a home. East is the ancestral place; defects in the East lead to difficulties like death and bring hardships.

South East : (Agnay) God of Fire

It is a direction of life and a health giver. Defects may lead to loss / harming of results through friends, disgrace worries, etc.

South : (Yama) the God of death

Defects may lead to loss of reputation, loss of profession /business, social disgrace, and parental health problems.

South West : (Niruthin)

The demon is responsible for behaviour, thoughts, and prosperity. Defects may cause incidents and illness.

West : (Varun) God of Rains.

This Direction represents success, reputation and comfort. Defects may cause a problem with business partners, maternal health problem

North West : (Vaayu) The God of wind.

NW is the Direction of friendship and relationship. Defects may lead to litigation.