Vastu Compliant Map or Drawings

The area surrounding your plot has a great influence on the house where you live in. Before purchasing any plot you should follow the following guidelines suggested by the Vastu Consultant in G Noida Sunil Mehtani. Which are as per the Vastu Shastra principles.

  1. Purchase the land which is higher in the Southwest with a downward slope in the East, North, and North-East directions. Mounds, Hills, tall trees, mountains as well as high-rise buildings are best in the south, west, and South-West. All these structures work as a safeguard for the house from the harmful sun rays.
  2. Rivers drains, canals, lakes, Ponds, or any other freshwater source in the East and the north directions of the plot are auspicious to you. A slowly flowing river from west to east in the north of the plot is favorable to you. Water flowing in the east of your plot from South to North is also good.
  3. Prefer to take a square or rectangular-shaped plot. The length of the plot should not be greater than 1.25 times the width. In any case, it is preferable not to take the plot with a length of twice the width for it. For long life as well as stability.
  4. The shape of the site must be perfect. Never take a plot that is triangular, oval, circular, irregular, or shaped like a vajra. Also reject the site with the shape of a Porcupine, a monkey, a forest snake, a hatchet, and a winnowing basket. a conch, a stake, a cat, a lizard, or any other such irregular shape. Reject the plots having raised centers like a tortoise. If so, you should first rectify the irregularly shaped plots to convert them into regular shapes.
  5. Avoid temples, mosques, churches, Gurudwara, or any other holy place in North and East directions. Tall trees or Constructions in these same directions are also not good. If so, you can plant small trees and plants so that these structures are not visible from your house.

  6. Prefer to avoid any graveyard, crematorium, factory, laundry, brothel, blacksmith or Acropolis shop, meat shop, liquor factory or people involved in any kind of illegal activity in the surrounding area of your plot.
  7. Workshops working with a mechanically revolving wheel like sharpening knives and Scissors are not good for your house.
  8. Vastu Consultant in Noida also suggests that Never take the plot where a big garbage pot, dumping yard, dustbin, or any heap of garbage is adjacent to your plot.
  9. If a big electricity or telephone pole, Transformer, generator or electric cable is adjacent to your plot, it is neither auspicious nor favorable for your house.
  10. While excavating soil for the foundation if you find snakes or their eggs, burnt Ash and coal, human skulls, bones, hairs, turn off clothes, iron, etc. the plot is not fit for building a house. On the other hand, if you find cow’s horn, tortoise, conch shell, stones, bricks, coins, wealth, or any other auspicious metals such as gold, etc. the plot is very auspicious for you.
  11. Plots with growth in the North East are very good for you. If you wish to buy a plot in your neighborhood, try to buy to the north, east, or North- East of the existing plot.

  12. There should be no dead-end around your plot. Corner plots are good only when they are open in the north and East directions. A plot with parallel roads in all four directions provides enormous wealth to its owner.
  13. After possession of the site plow and level the land thoroughly at an auspicious time. Pay due attention to removing any kind of litter.
    The east-facing building is highly auspicious. The Morning Rays of the sun consist of benefit ultraviolet rays and are good for health as they enter the house through the East.
  14. Before purchasing the residential accommodation of someone else. It is best to know the past history of the house and its residents. Make sure there was not any unnatural death of a child, bride(suicide, etc.), or old aged member’s death after suffering disgrace and humility for a long time. You should also take into consideration if the inhabitants are suffering from severe physical and mental ailments.
  15. Be sure the site must be within the municipal corporation’s limits. So that modern necessities like water supply, electricity, drainage, Roads, etc. can easily be made available

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